Learn life long ministry skills through a 9 week summer internship!

Athletic Training Students and students pursuing Strength & Conditioning Specialties are needed to participate in the X-Project internship while assisting with coverage of sporting events at the AIA Sports Complex in Xenia, Ohio. Additional observation hours are also completed at Kettering Sports Medicine and Ignition Athletes Performance Group.

AIA Sports Performance will work with your university for possible academic credit.

A Certified Athletic Trainer is needed to serve as a supervisor for the Sports Performance X-Project interns.

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2019 Dates:

The deadline for 2019 Intern and Supervisor applications is February 1, 2019.

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If you are graduating go here to look at our Year-Round Internship.

Need academic credit? Want to have a unique experience? Come serve with us for the Fall or Spring Semester! Our academic internships focus on leadership and professional development in a faith-based environment. Our team will pour into you spiritually and professionally. Serve at our sports complex. Learn how to integrate sport ministry with your career. Consider an international option for your internship.

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Applicants are encouraged to apply at least 2 months in advance.

Clinic Teams

Do you want to travel internationally for your profession?!?

Each year we send international clinical education teams to co-host conferences and clinics on sports medicine and strength & conditioning with professionals and students in other countries, while communicating Christ’s love with others.

These tours are usually one to two weeks in length. Professionals and college students are welcomed to apply in order to experience missions in your field of expertise!

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Camps & Projects

Use Your Skills, Learn Biblical Principles, Share Your Faith! Why not join AIA Sports Performance on an adventure in your field of expertise. Let us encourage you in your faith journey at The Ultimate Training Camp!

The UTC (Ultimate Training Camp) is a high intensity sports camp for athletes. We tackle the issue of how to blend faith and sport together on the field of competition. We teach five Biblical Principles to athletes and then allow them to test those truths in a 20-hour sports marathon known as The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. As a result there is a need for athletic trainers and students to cover this camp.

A maximum of four Certified Athletic Trainers and four Athletic Training Students are needed to assist with each week’s experience.

Certified Athletic Trainers and Athletic Training Students will enjoy small group discussions as a sports medicine team as we explore how these Principles impact our lives, careers and service to athletes.

Our goal is to help every athletic trainer in the nation understand how the gospel impacts their sport and life.

2019 Dates:

  • Ohio: May 22 to 28
  • Colorado: May 26 to June 1
  • Minnesota: June 2 to 8
  • Boston: June 6 to 9
  • Southern California: June 16 to 22

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Be a part of a two-week life-changing adventure targeted at launching movements of evangelism and discipleship on the universities in Puerto Rico and the United States.

You’ll spend the first week of the trip learning AIA’s principles for athletic competition, focused on combining your sport and faith. During week two, you’ll explore the beauty of the island while serving on university campuses and throughout the community.

An Athletic Training Student is needed to assist with this camp.

A Certified Athletic Trainer is needed for the athletes’ healthcare needs (minimum one week commitment).

2019 Dates: May 20 to June 6

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Join 50+ student-athletes and staff from around the country living in community in one huge house for three life-changing weeks. The UP-LA is a one of a kind opportunity.

Connect with God’s view of sport and competition through the AIA Principles and The SPECIAL. Partner with urban ministry veterans serving “at-promise” communities of LA. Tackle issues of racism, power, class, culture, poverty, privilege, responsibility, social justice, and what the Gospel of Christ has to say about these ever-relevant and important issues.

An Athletic Training Student is needed to assist with this project.

A Certified Athletic Trainer is needed for the athletes’ healthcare needs during the first week with the option of serving during the entire project.

2019 Dates:

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Do you want to be trained about win/build/send ministry while gaining a Biblical perspective on diversity.

Taking place at Eastern Nazarene University, just south of Boston and blocks from the ocean, the Boston Project staff and college athletes will seek to create and environment of personal growth and development.

An Athletic Training Student is needed to assist with this project.

A Certified Athletic Trainer is needed for athletic healthcare needs during the UTC Sprint.

2019 Dates: June 6 to 9

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Competitive Tours

Each year the AIA Sports T.E.A.M. Division sends out 20-25 international competitive sports teams.

We need qualified athletic healthcare professionals to care for the medical needs of each team. Athletic Training Students can also travel under the supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer with a competitive team.

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